I was born in Kyiv and I live there. My great-grandfather, grandfather and grandmother, father and uncle are artists, so no one was surprised when I started drawing from an early age. While most boys were playing ball or climbing trees, I took paper, pencils or paints and went to draw.


At first I attended the art school, and my dad taught me at his studio, then I graduated from the college. All that helped me to get the necessary skills and to master various techniques. But eventually I realized that I like the graphics. Instead of using variety of colourful oils, I prefer to work in pencil and white pastel. I aim to overcome ‘scantiness’ of my quite limited tool kit to show how much beauty surrounds us. I create not only landscapes and portraits, but also artworks for posters and T-shirts. I also make illustrations for Mova, a volunteer project for learning Ukrainian language. When I am drawing, I feel that the art is my path and way of interacting with the world.